Run an FML( type site for Free

Hey there…

I wrote a python/appengine script for an FML-type site. It’s not fully complete, but you could check out the prototype at dontjudgemejudgerDOTcom I am considering a licensing agreement by which anyone can run a clone site on their own app-engine account. (you just need a regular google account for an app-engine account). There would be a “Free” license under which you could run the app with our ads. You could use this until you gain enough traction, then cheaply (~50/year) upgrade to a full license and run your own ads. I am also considering slightly more expensive licenses, including one that auto-updates your each clone on a regular basis with new developments, and one that includes the actual (python) source code.

For the uninitiated, running a site on app-engine is entirely free up to a quota of around 5 million page view/month, so “free” in this case would truly mean free.

I am trying to gauge interest before I complete the script. It’s efficient and conserves your app-engine quota well beyond google’s recommendations with several innovations. So in effect it would be “free” far beyond even the estimated 5 million views. (I’m guessing 10-15 million).

Check out the site, and let me know if you’d be interested, or of any suggestions you have. Currently I recommend you use firefox, chrome or safari (it should work in any browser, but looks better in these three). You can PM me if you are interested.


As a free app, can you still customize the code? I don’t see a whole lot of success if everyone just has limited ability to change the color scheme etc.