Hosted App Creation and Selecting the Tools

I thinking about developing a small hosted app. I will likely do most of the development, and will use PHP/MySQL and jQuery, and possibly CodeIgniter.

The question I have is, rather than reinvent the wheel I was considering the possibility of getting one or more commercially available apps that might give me a head start.

If I had a membership/subscription management system this might be a good starting point. I searched around a bit and found

Do anyone have an experience with this software of other like it?

When hunting for ideas take a look at the PHP projects held in

You will need to:

  • spend a bit of time working out how their filters work or you will be inundated with results
  • look carefully at the meta data about the project (last updated etc)
  • look carefully at the licence - even before downloading it
  • be prepared to think laterally when entering keywords to search for, look at keywords used to describe projects similar to your own

Individual diverse projects may feature different parts which could go together to make up your final app. Its a good place to look for inspiration especially if you “wonder how they did that?”


Thank Cups that’s a good tip, I will look into it further.