Ruby Command in Grunt

Hey Everyone,

I have a Ruby Gem installed that allows me to download a Shopify theme and a Grunt workflow I use to create and deploy. Is it possible to run that Ruby command automatically through gruntfile.js?

I normally download the entire theme from the command line, “theme download”. Then I open up my Grunt workflow. I’d like to do it all in one shot each time I start Grunt so I don’t forget to download and then accidentally upload my local files, overwriting the client’s site.

(I haven’t found a grunt plugin that allows me to download a Shopify theme, only upload).


Assuming Ruby is installed, you can always run ruby -e something.rb to execute a ruby file. Perhaps include that as a Grunt task.


Say you have two files:


var process = require('child_process');
process.exec('ruby hello.rb',function (err,stdout,stderr) {
  if (err) {
  } else {


puts "Hello"


$ node test.js
=> Hello

Play around with that and you should be able to do what you are attempting.

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