Combine and minify scripts

Hi everyone,

I’m looking for a script that will combine, minify and Gzip all of my CSS and JavaScript files. I’ve come across this script:

Has anyone used this before and if so can you recommend it? Or are there other scripts that would work better?

Thank you for any advice!


You can use Grunt for this (and many other things).
Here’s a good tutorial:

Hi Pullo,

thanks a lot for the link. I’m busy trying out Grunt - always more things to learn.

You are probably looking forward to the football tonight? Germany 4 - 0 USA :wink:


Hey Pullo,

already running into a problem. After creating package.json I’m supposed to navigate to my folder using the command prompt and then what? When I open the command prompt I have C:\Users\user1> I can’t add C:\wamp\www\myproject to the end of this. I’ve also had a look at the Grunt documentation. After placing package.json and Gruntfile.js in the appropriate folder, npm install grunt --save-dev should be run. Must I run this from the standard command prompt? It will know where to install Grunt?

Sorry for the hassle. Perhaps you will know how this works.

Thank you!!!

Ok, I got the installation working. Had to change to my project’s directory using the command “cd”. After running npm install I see that a folder has been created “node_modules”. This folder is over 6mb in size and contains another “node_modules” folder. The latter folder contains 20 or so modules such as colors, hooker, minimatch etc. Is this normal? Do I need all of these modules? My package.json file just has “devDependencies”: {
“grunt”: “~0.4.1”

Can someone please confirm whether this is the usual way of installing Grunt?


Hi RedBishop,

That sounds about right, although the directory structure should be:

Project root
  - node_modules
    - grunt
      - internal-tasks
      - lib
      - node_modules
        - colors
        - hooker
        - minimatch
          etc ... 

Ok, thanks Pullo!