RSS feed creation?

What is RSS feed creation? What is its Submission procedure? Can anyone explain it little bit please? I have a Wordpress blog .I want to create RSS feed for that .How to create that feed. Thanks in advance.

I too have a Blog a wordpress.So for RSS submission i use -
It is an online tool to subit RSS,hope it helps u too.

Blogs create the RSS feed automatically. Just look near the bottom of
your blog for the link.

RSS submission is largely just an empty term. There are a few RSS directories,
but your blog will be “submitted” with every post as wordpress automatically
sends a ping to pingomatic. Go look at and you’ll all the places
that your blog (and it’s feed) are submitted.


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In this case Bompa is correct so hopefully you are set to go :slight_smile:

Give Feedburner a try!

I like because it pings every worldwide. I put that list in my wordpress blogs.

I do take the time to submit to blog directories it doesn’t take much time with the right tools.

use feedburner and create rss feed.

Thanks all for your valuable suggestions.

RSS feed is a great way to deliver content into the hands of
potential website visitors. When you create it, RSS feeds can be summaries or they can be full text.

You are advised to have multiple feeds on your site, not just one.

if you are using wordpress it is by default located @

that is your wordpress blog rss. to take advantage of virally marketing & monetizing your rss, try feedburner.

to promote them, submit yours to

to combine them with some other RSS feed, u can use Yahoo Pipes -