ROR sitemap?

How can i use ror sitemap in a website?

Is this what you’re referring to?

If so, I’d recommend this tool instead:

Just place the sitemap.xml and sitemap.gz files in your website’s root directory.

If you’re running a CMS, there are plugins available to create the sitemap files automatically, so you don’t have to do it manually.

ROR is an XML format, so you can easily use in website (sitemap.xml)

Hi ,

Just wanted to know if anyone has any experience in using ror sitemap i normally use xml sitemap , but is there any benifits to use ror sitemap specially for ecommerce website.

ROR sitemap is stands for Resources of Resource and it a XML format sitemap.

No, here is no point in using a ror format. It was a moral idea at the time it emerged but it got dumped along the way so no one is actually using those anymore - there is no benefit - actually you can even get into issues with crawling using those.
My suggestion is to keep everything straight forward and use the standard format / xml ones with index xml files and additional xml files for large ecommerce sites for example.

ROR sitemap stands for Resources of Resource and it is in xml format. It contain all pages of the website.