Rollover States - Kickin my tush!

Hello to everyone smarter than I (which is probably everyone here, including the dust on the monitors)…

I have a rollover issue -

I have a series of rollover buttons, simple rollovers visually made to look like they’re in there off_state, once rolled over, they appear on, once clicked, they go to a predetermined URL, not a biggie. However, there needs to be one button, that when the piece appears on screen, one button, should be in its ONstate. Once you rollover it, it should behave like the others (staying in its OFFstate, until rolled over and clicked).

I have NO idea how to do this. I’m currently working in CS3, using using AS2.
I have a bunch of demanding women nipping at my heels, so if someone could help out real soon, I’ll be ur best friend