AS2 Disjointed Rollovers


Can anyone help me with a simple disjointed rollover using (preferably) AS2 with Flash CS4 Windows.

I have a series of button symbols on the left of the stage and a single default image (movie clip) to the right. I want the default image to change when the mouse passes over the buttons. Effectively a swap/restore action.

Any help, tips, tutorials much appreciated.



Hi Eastcoast

Thanks for that. I was hoping for something that would not involve adding addtional frames - something similar to the old Swap/Replace behaviour.

I have found another bit of AS2 using attachmovie which seems to work albeit a bit clunkily.

Again, thanks for your reponse and help.


Create a frame for each image in the right hand movieclip, each with a stop() action.
If you have e.g 4 button clips named button1 - button4, and the right hand clip is called imageClip

  this['button'+i].id = i;
  this['button'+i].onRollOver = function(){