Robot txt or robot meta tag which on eis more importance?

hi everyone .,

i have a robot.txt uploaded on my website.
i wondering that do i have to add another robot meta tag on my webpage too?

is there any different? and how is the code for that?

thank you in advance for your kind answer

There is a fairly comprehensive article in Google’s Search Console Help:


You should not use robots.txt as a means to hide your web pages from Google Search results. This is because, if other pages point to your page with descriptive text, your page could still be indexed without visiting the page. If you want to block your page from search results, use another method such as password protection or a noindex directive.

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Both are important from SEO point of view.

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thank you sisindia , im now only have robot.txt , try to add robot meta tag, but after search around google for a code seem no not find one ,

What makes you think there is a robots meta tag?

They are only important if you actualy need them.
There are circumstances where they may be of use, but to make a blanket statement like this could be misleading people into believing they are a requirement for every site and and every page on a site, which is simply not true.
By default all pages on all sites will be crawled. So you only need use any kind of “robots” instructions when you have content you specifically want robots to avoid for whatever reason.

In short, the robots.txt file is for wide-ranging rules that cove a whole site, directory or range of pages.
The robots meta tag is a more targeted approach, used for rules applied only to a specific page.

No one can say which is more important for you without knowing what your specific requirements are for restricing the crawling of robots on your site and pages.

There is info in the links provided in post #2.


i look on google , study about seo. there is a page say that better to have robot metatag., but when i try to find a detail of a code i could not find the right one ( so i dare not to try it just leave the site with robot.txt only)

Both are important as both serves with the different perspective for the website. But still robot meta tag not must.

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If you already have robot.txt file present on website. you should add robot meta tag, reason being both are important from SEO proint of view.

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thank you, can you help provide me a correct code for robot metag , ,

i did mistakenly added one few days back, check again today it was a kind of noindex tag(lucky taht i do the metachecker check today :slight_smile:

my appreciates

The default for robots is that they will crawl and index every page they find. You need only add a robots meta tag if that is not the behaviour you want. @SamA74 has provided you with a link to a detailed help page. If you need further assistance, then you will need to explain clearly what you want to achieve.

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