Meta Robot


I have just installed the plugin Meta robot plugin and have followed the video for the right settings

However, there are options for every page and new post

index, follow
index, nofollow
noindex, follow
noindex, nofollow

Which one would be the best SEO??


The best for SEO is to forget about robots META and add a robots text page to your domain.

such conflicting advice on the net… :frowning:


leehughes, the information isn’t that conflicting, people who say that robots.txt has something to-do with optimizing your website are talking out their behinds. All the robots.txt file does is explain to the widely used search engines what pages you want to block from being indexed. Telling pages not to be seen by search engines doesn’t qualify as optimizing (unless you have lots of spammy pages), it’s just about controlling what’s visible to the spiders :slight_smile: