RIP Google Reader

Google announced today that Google Reader is going to the waste side, so what RSS reader does everyone else use? I’m currently testing [url=]feedly, [url=]the old reader, and will be trying [url=]tiny tiny rss.

I’m not sold on any of them yet (granted I haven’t tried tiny tiny rss yet). So maybe, others could chime in with your favorites and why they like them. The biggest component I enjoyed about Google Reader was the ease in tagging articles, emailing them, or starring them for later.

So far others have fallen short in the tagging and emailing. For example, in Feedly, it is hard to re-tag an article (if it already has a tag, you can’t easily add another… actually you might be unable to do multiple tags). In the old reader, I can’t figure out how to tag at all!

So what are you using? Does it support tagging (this is my biggest MUST HAVE)?

I’m looking at tiny tiny rss as well. Not fussed about tagging or sharing, the primary thing I’ll find hard to replace is the google reader ecosystem where I can sync across both the web and apps, and the many apps which easily connect to the backend and then cache offline content.

I tried getting tiny tiny rss running (spent about 30 minutes max) and it bombed horribly with syntax errors in the PHP code. Guess it isn’t quite polished as I don’t want to have to invest a lot of time into it. Oh well. So far Feedly is growing on me, but the tagging still bothers me (I need multiple tagging capability!).

I’m still a bit shell shocked that they are ditching Reader, but I guess it makes sense considering they axed the dev team a while back and left it in limbo from a development side. :frowning:

I dare say there’s a frenzy of activity currently behind the scenes of many RSS app developers, on one hand potential for an unexpected gold rush, but also a disaster for apps that are reliant on the reader backend.
Another I looked at is which is $30

Was not aware of the plight of Google reader. I was having some issues with the results but not aware of Google not providing updates. Hopefully someone can advise and recommend a good alternative. I did a quick check and found a “list” of recommended reader (free) and wondering if anyone has used any of them. Here’s a list in no particular order of preference.

Mozilla Thunderbird
RSS Bandit
Awasu Personal Edition
Omea Reader

With things the way they are these days trying to keep in the free range.

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I use Mozilla Thunderbird for the only reason that it is also my e-mail client. I never had a problem but then I don’t subscribe often to RSS feeds so I don’t think that my experience is relevant

I used RSS Bandit before I switched to Google Reader, my only problem with it, is it is a desktop solution, so you’d have to sync your data files with each computer you use, were Reader being a web based client removes that scenario.

I’ve also looked at NetVibes, but I find it utterly ridiculous to have to pay $499 a month for tagging!

News just in: digg are building a reader replacement that supports the same api, which should mean relatively easy modifications for most app devs

Another option:

I’m bummed as well - it’s the least obtrusive feed reader I’ve tried.

I found this looking for alternatives. It’s not ready yet, but soon hopefully:

Tried it, lacks tagging entirely :frowning:

Cool, I subscribed! I don’t mind paying for something so long as I get my money’s worth. If tagging is non-existent or it doesn’t fit my needs, than that is an entirely different matter. But I’ll definitely try it out once it comes available.

This is sad to hear, I love Google reader cos it’s very cool

For those testing feedly, I developed a userscript that puts the unread count in the title bar (can’t believe they don’t do that!). I’m contemplating rewriting the tagging feature to mimic google reader, so you can type your tag instead of having to use the mouse. Maybe if it bugs me enough, I’ll get around to it.

So far feedly is growing on me, I just wish they would solve the tagging issues (allow multiple tags, and rework how you tag an item, you can definitely tell it was an after-thought to their system).

i am using feedly,<snip>link deleted</snip>:slight_smile:

Another one on the horizon, but not ready for prime time yet. By Russell Beattie…

I was also using Google Reader. Sad to hear that.

RIP Google Reads :frowning:

yupp :frowning: it’s a great shock for regular Reader users. But fortunately there were plenty of alternatives available out there. I use

<snip />

I think great replacements will pop up in no time. But I am starting to get a little worried about the speed of which google shuts down their products…

bums me out for sure.