RSS reader that can actually process metadata?

Hi all,

I am looking for a self-hosted RSS Reader/Aggregator (preferrably php) that can actually process RSS metadata. Sounds simple enough, but for some reason, it seems like virtually every reader out there with filtering capabilities will only do a plaintext search of feed title and/or main text section. However, I would like to filter feeds based on the RDF tags that come with them (category, IDs or whatever else these tags supply). Hope I am using the right terms to explain what I want. Does something like this exist - and if yes, where? :slight_smile:

Thanks a bunch!

How about this library? Looks a bit on the antiquated side, but it might have what you are looking for.

Or this one. Looks a bit more up-to-date.


Thanks for the reply. Somehow I was hoping for something a bit more “out of the box”. Can’t (or don’t want to) believe that all these wonderful metadata tags exist for convenient filtering, yet there’s no finished scipt that actually uses them.

Wouldn’t such tags be site specific? How can anyone make something “finished” for that?


Of course they would be site specific, but not more site specific than the feed URL or any terms for plaintext search. Instead of just specifying the search term, you would have to specify the tag/variable term to go along with it. I agree that my mom might not be able to make use of it, but then again my mom isn’t the type of user who would self-host a feed reader anyway. :wink:

An RSS feed is just xml so you could just use the Symfony Dom crawler with css selector.

Thanks - I will check it out!

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