Resturants websites, how do they work?


I would like to know how the resturants websites that provide delivery service work? For example, you enter the Pizza hut or any onther site, order and then pay online. I am not asking about how they work in the web but I am asking how people in the resturant take care of the order! How do they know that you have ordered already? Do they for example make a refresh for the site every minute? :lol: or is the database connected to the shop PC…


Really is probably different depending on restaraunt chain, etc. But I’d bet the people in the delivery pizza place don’t even have a computer – they have a printer that spits out orders as they come in off the cloud.

Or – the system is alot more than a website. The website is just a public ui bit.

I see, and is it easy if I want for example to connect the printer with a website so when an order come the printer automatically print it?