Resizing or Enlarging picture to fit a same size

I am having some problems dealing with pictures that one of my client is using in a slide at the start of his website. The slide is defined 2000x500 pixels and he wants to upload any picture and make them fit in that size.
I am trying to convince him that some production work is required but he doesn’t want to do anything.
He gave another website in reference saying that in that case the admin was able to upload pictures without any prep work, as far I am concerned the pictures do not look too good.
He just send me 4 pictures as a sample that he wants to see in his slide: one is 4961x3307, the other is 6048x4032, the 3rd is 2000x1333 and the 4th is 800x600.
My question: is it really possible to make those pics fit in a 2000x500 slide without looking too bad ?

I would say it depends upon the image. As for if it can be done, are you using a CMS, and if so which one?

Some of the tools that allow editing do give you the option to view the changes you want to make to get the best image possible, some are fully automatic.

If you resize that image to 2000px then to maintain correct aspect ratio the height will shrink to 1320px. If you then crop the height to 500px you will lose most of the main focus of the image and may just end up with ‘sky’ and nothing else (assuming a panorama type picture). You could center the image but the center may not be the main focus of the image.

In order to use images that will scale nicely to the 2000 x 500 window then the images need to all have the same aspect ratio.e.g. (4000 x 1000, 3000 x 750, 1000 x 250 etc…)

Of course anyone who puts a 6048x4032 image on the web is mad anyway :smile:

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My website is using a home made CMS so resizing is automatic. Giving the ability to preview the banner would be nice, I’ll have a look at it.

That was I thought but as the guy keeps saying that he wants to upload any picture and nothing more. I tried to explain him ratio but so far no luck.

Tough one. It is entirely possible to make varied images have the same width or the same height, but not both unless they all have the same aspect ratio. Or you’re willing to crop.

Having a client that doesn’t understand basic geometry and is expecting you to do the impossible sounds like it may be time for you to fire the client.


What language is the CMS written in? There might be a suitable tool that you can use to resize the images

I have written the CMS in ASP.NET which is resizing the picture. Customer is having a go at it as of writing this post.
The issue is that it’s hard to load a 800x600 or a 4961x3307 and make it looking great as 2000x500, unless I am missing something.

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