Resize Website

As I’m on here I may as well also ask if there is a way to simply resize a website according to the browser size or device size?

If we look at this site again you’ll see that the menu is located at the bottom which for some computers means the user has to scroll down each time they see a new page.

What I’d like to happen is that the site resizes according to the screen resolution for 2 maybe 3 settings.

Any ideas?


No there is no simple way to resize the page like that and you’d probably need to either use percentage dimensions for your images or use javascript to resize the page according to resolution.

For modern browers you could use media queries as in [URL=“”]this example that adjusts to 4 different layouts depending on screen width.

Perhaps it would be easier if you had a “fixed footer” instead so that on small screens the footer is still visible but covers the bottom of the image. I’d be inclined just to repeat the navigation at the top of the page also (perhaps on the right hand side for balance).