Designing website for resoultion specific clients

hey folks,
i wanted to ask what if a clients come to u and ask that i need a website which looks perfect on this resolution (no scroll). like suppose i have 1280*800 requirment of the client. so on what scale should i be designing the website like on which no scroll comes even with or without number of toolbars installed or if i make a website with help of javascript hiding the toolbars, address bar. shld i make it on 1280 * 800

If a client comes to you with such a ludicrous request, then I would politely enlighten the client that there is no way you can control how a user views your website. There are a million different setups. You can’t possibly want to control the output?

i know. that what is clients all about especially dumb client who are stubborn. well clients are clients. and we have to acknowledge there needs. so with that in mind. how to make a website which after login run in a new window/popup which is 1280 * 800 and no scrolls. what so ever and i make sure everything is in 800 height

You understand that resolution does not equate to viewport dimensions, yet you’re still thinking resolution. You are correct that browsers may have toolbars and sidebars taking up real estate - even when the viewport is maximized, which it often isn’t. But if your client insists on a fixed width design (do them a favor and try to disuade them), Then you could try a “slightly smaller than best guess” size centered. At least it will look good for them and hopefully you’ll have been paid and had enough time to leave town before the complaints start coming in.

No, we do not have to acknowledge anything the client says, if it is complete garbage.
In fact it is my responsibility as a web designer/developer to enlighten the client when an idea is destructive, useless, complete nonsense, and harmful.

Most people do not even have a resolution of 1200x800! What will happen to those users if you also disable scrolling? They get 50% of the content?

If this were my client, I’d explain to him in detail why what he likes does not work. For anyone. If he continues to insist, then I would fire the client. Period.

Sorry, ammark. Maybe someone else will give you tips. I find this idea so absurd that I’m not going to recommend anything else other than what I said; explaining to the client why what he wants to do must not be done with clear, precise, and logical argumentation.

wht do u mean by that

I mean, design it for the clients viewport dimensions. If they use their browser maximized with a resolution of 1280x800 subtract 20 or so pixels for scrollbar, 100 or so for toolbars, etc. and center everything so it looks OK. Then take the money and run, change your phone number and business name, and hope no one ever finds out about it. Or find other income. Doing something like this may make you some money in the short term, but it won’t brand you as a professional or help in the long term.

I agree with kohoutek on this. Better to educate the client or fire them and maintain your professionalism. But if you need to make a quick buck and have no concern for future prospects, it could be done.

Why not compromise and design something that looks good to OK at all viewport dimensions? If you show them how their fixed dimension page would look in browsers with other viewport dimensions, both smaller even when maximized, and larger too, they should smarten up.

i don’t understand view point. what is it

Like Mittineague explained, the viewport is the area in your browser that displays the actual document/page.

I have my screen resolution set at 1920x1200 but I have resized my browser window to occupy only around 25% of the available screenspace, meaning that I have to scroll websites that exceed my current viewport size.

or if i make a website with help of javascript hiding the toolbars, address bar. shld i make it on 1280 * 800

I’ve already explained this a number of times now and if you want no horizontal scroll on a 1280px monitor then design your page at about 1250px which will allow for the browser chrome etc.

The height is irrelevant and there is nothing you can do about that as that depends on the browser concerned and the toolbars that are set up. You can’t hide my toolbars and if you did could I would be very annoyed indeed.:slight_smile:

1250px as already mentioned is very large anyway and you would be better off re-designing an elastic layout with min and max-widths to suit all browsers better. However that would mean starting from scratch again as your current methodology will not work.

Listen to what the others have said as they make good points and for valid reasons :slight_smile:

Make a liquid design (in percentages) and set a min-width. No matter what size, the page will display nicely and only have a scrollbar at the given min-width, e.g. at 600px. After that you can collect the cheque :smiley:

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