Reputation Management

I have a product and because of poor customer support our company name and product name is been damaged by users and the damaged pages are listed in search engines when searched for my product in first page. I want to repair them since we have sorted out support issues. what should i do to repair my existing reputation.

Is there any good article or resource which will help on reputation management for a new product too.

If you can get the pages changed, then do that. Talk to whoever controls them, to the customers, whatever it takes.

If you can’t, then start producing positive content about your company. Produce it everywhere you can. Talk in forums, create social network profiles, use those sites that let you create pages about any topic like Squidoo to create one about your company. Start an article marketing campaign, write and pay for distribution of press releases. And do link building and SEO on those pages.

In other words, make the positive content outweigh the negative to push it off the first page of search results. You can’t control what’s on the internet, but you can perhaps make it less visible.