Hoe do you go about managing your online reputation?

Just trying to learn a lil about how people go about managing their online reputation…

I know services regarding online reputation management have become really big but have no clue what these may be…do you go about writing positive reviews?If so, where do you post them etc? Any help would be appreciated! Thanks…

If you’re posting fake reviews about your own company then people will be able to tell and it’ll make your company seem desperate, and quite frankly a bit pathetic. This tends to be what a lot of “online brand management companies” do.

Sometimes we’ve Googled our sites before and sometimes we receive a negative review, which is okay as not everyone is going to be happy. However, sometimes we receive blatantly untrue reviews and we’ve been known to step in and clear things up.

Yea I can imagine. But I think most people who seek these services have genuinely had a problem with disgruntled ex-employees and competitor’s posting negative reviews about them…in which case posting a few good reviews seems like a good way to counter that. I agree it’s fake, but what if the webmaster of the site posting all the negative stuff refuses to take it down. You could sue, but that just takes even more time. So they opt for this. It would be much simpler, if people just didn’t go around bad mouthing for the heck of it!

Yes posting postive reviews regarding a website will help in boosting up your online reputation. After review has been wrote it needs to be published in some good blog properties owned by the website owner, if you dont have need to create web 2.0 profile links and then bookmarking those web 2.0 submission sites in top sites.

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