Replace flash to html5

hi dud,

I am not nice in HTML5. Currently I have a flash in my website My flash have some actionscript. But I want to have html5 . I do not know how to replace my flash into html5. Your reply will be appriciate. Thanks


Hi the general process for HTML5 video is:[LIST=1]
[]Get the source video that is currently encoded for Flash
]Encode this vido source into several different formats so that most supported variants of browser video players and codecs are covered off.
[*]Use HTML5 script to set you files for graceful fallback
[/LIST]Here are two good sitepoint blogs on this topic:

[/LIST]To replace the action script you will need to use JavaScript to control a video player. There are several different ways to do this using JQuery, YUI, or plain JS, search on scriptable javascript video clients.

Hope this helps.


thanks for help