Registry cleaners


A registry cleaner removes unused/obsolete entries from the windows registry which will make the PC less likely to display system error messages.

Has anyone know about best registry cleaners in the market? Thanks in advance.

It’s a fast system cleaner, it’s a useful tool to me. :award:

Right now im using Registry Mechanic from pctools.

I recommned you RegDefense 2010. This intuitive and easy to use registry cleaner application is a must for all PC users that want the absolute best registry cleaner available!

I recommend you CCleaner. Other free registry cleaners you can try are AML Registry Cleaner, Wise Registry Cleaner, Auslogics Registry Cleaner and Advanced SystemCare Free.

I use CCleaner preety easy to use and effective … best of luck

CCleaner is the best in business that cleans al the crap inside your PC and also performs a registry clean.

Cleaning the registry is a totally pointless exercise, far better to put in some additional ram if your computer will take it.

Yes…an awesome program…was also mentioned on our local radio station yesterday

Well I would like to recommend one site which has reviews on registry easy
So I think registry easy is good.

I agree that the features of system mechanic are very good but it does not give you detailed lists of the things it will fix for you.

Mil shield, never heard of it.Is it worth?

I use system mechanic to clean junks and unused registry entries.It also do various things.
The features of system mechanic is very good.

I use ccleaner. It’s open source. It’s free. It works.

I have been using jv16 powertools for a few years now, but i also do a lot of cleaning by “hand” directly in regedit, - as i don’t trust an app 100% for this kind of work

I use the registry cleaner in TuneUp Utilities and it works perfectly fine for me :slight_smile:

The utilities in tweaknow regcleaner are very useful. Registry cleaning speeds up your computer’s performance.

I work with Mil Shield when I have to clean something in the windows registry.

Registry Mechanic and Mil Shield

El Reg recently published an article comparing various “tune-up” utilities, interesting reading -

I am using Ccleaner. Uniblue’s registery booster is also good but not free.