What about computer privacy?

Hi All,

I’m wondering why this issue does not disturb most people.:confused:
Personally, I read often about the privacy problem in wiki and gradually learn how to solve this problem. Recently I installed a program called Mil Shield that protect the computer privacy but I’m still in a process of studying it.

What kind software do you use to protect your privacy? :slight_smile: Please tell me, this is very important to me.

There is no such thing as privacy on the Internet and any software product which claims to protect your privacy in any measure is lying. The most it can do is try and protect you from malicious websites but the fact remains everything you do and post online is monitored by someone.

‘Everything you do and post online is monitored by someone.’, really? It’s sounds terribly.
Thanks to tell me that because sometimes I’m very naive person. :frowning:

But there is other kind of a computer privacy that programs like this above offer - when your PC remembers all you have opened and the web sites you have visited and then these programs delete the tracks from the computer activities. I would like to ask about that.

So what is it you’re doing that you’re so afraid that anyone finds out about?

Well, I have some, :slight_smile: actually lots of information on my PC that need to be removed. I often have to erase the tracks of sites I’ve visited and also to remove many unnecessary files.

Scrubbing personal information off your home computer is fine, but anything you have online cannot be removed (not totally anyway) therefore your privacy is non existant when you browse the web but can be controlled to some point if its offline. Generally speaking I am with Tommy on the “what do you have to hide?” comment, I gave up worrying about my privacy years ago as the second you start contributing to the web you either be open and honest or you try and protect your information which will just make people think your up to no good :stuck_out_tongue:

privacy doesnt matter for computers because it can be on internet cafe.

Isnt possible to protect your privacy 100 % because anything you do keep tracks and if someone want to find you and know how to do it , will do it , things like proxy can fake your country but cant hide your real ip .

i use avg software to protect privacy its good piece of software

There’s no such thing as privacy on the internet? :confused:

If I post on a thousand forums and join a thousand chatrooms, you still wouldn’t be able to track me down in real life even if I tell you my full name (there are many people with the same full name as you no matter how unique it is) - unless I tell you my address.

So how isn’t there such thing as privacy on the internet? The internet is well-know for it’s freedom and anonymity. If anything, there’s too much privacy on the internet - so much that kids like the internet because you can curse or be racist and get away with it.

The best thing you can get from someone’s IP address is their city, so why do people worry? The reason people worry is because people who sell privacy software use smart marketing and take advantage of the fact that people are really worried about safety to convince you that you need to buy their software, they do that by making the internet sound more dangerous than it really is. Don’t fall for their tricks, leni431.

“Everything you do and post online is monitored by someone.” - Do you honestly believe that someone is sitting there, searching for your username on Google and reading all your posts? :confused: Even if someone is, so what? What have you got to hide?

Just because I can’t trace you, doesn’t mean noone can.

Everything you do online IS tracked by advertising agencies (google and the like), your ISP etc.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hWcEmhtwnlE < an interesting watch, was on UK TV recently, ‘Who’s Watching You’ about surveillance, including that on the internet.

I can’t say it bothers me too much though.

Is your name Richard?

I found my CV/resume on the official Bristol-Myers Squibb website once along with those of 6000+ others. I’d emailed it to them about six months before hand and they obviously decided to store it on their server and despite their privacy policy saying that they’d only make it available to internal human resources people, they somehow thought it was acceptable to post it live on the net for the rest of the world to see! Despite sending 10+ emails of complaint about it, they never replied and it took about six months before my personal information was removed.

I had my phone number, private email address, postal address, street address and anything else you can possibly imagine that I didn’t want posted on the net available for anyone in the world to read. Quite annoying, particularly since it was a massive multi-national company doing it. They should have known better, or at least should have fixed it as soon as they realised what sort of catastrophic screwup they had made.

Thanks people for the answers, they are really constructive :slight_smile:

Is this software like Mil Shield or Webroot Washer? Is it useful?

Many many thanks Topunit, I really needed to hear words as yours.

Using my credit card, logging in to my bank or to Paypal, connecting to my employer’s private network, storing personal details about myself that could be used to steal my identity, storing photos of me at parties which I wouldn’t want an employer to see, and more.

Tom, surely those are security concerns, not privacy issues? Using secure connections and encryption should keep you safe from most nosey people, with the possible exception of some large government intelligence agencies.

I don’t think there’s any ‘privacy software’ that will let you use your credit card safely over an unencrypted connection.

No, they’re both completely useless.

They’re both charging you $30 just to remove your browsing history, that’s pathetic. You can delete your browsing history and other stored data for free on any browser by going to the options/tools menu. Also, every browser has a private browsing feature that doesn’t store any browsing data when you enable it (although for FireFox you’ll need the Distrust plugin).

AVG is an antivirus software. My favourite is NOD32.

I like what AlexDawson says…He sounds very professional i must say…