Reg Exp Not Working with matchAll

Trying to get all delimited items in a string.

Here’s the code:

const myString = "abc{{HELLO}}defg{{WORLD}}"
const templateFieldsRegex = /\{\{\w+\}\}/g
const templateFields = myString.matchAll (templateFieldsRegex)

I expect to get array [“{{HELLO}}”, “{{WORLD}}”]
Not getting any results.

also posted here:

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myString.matchAll returns an iterator

const matches = myString.matchAll(/\{\{\w+\}\}/g)

for (const match of matches) {

// ['{{HELLO}}', index: 3, input: 'abc{{HELLO}}defg{{WORLD}}', groups: undefined]
// ['{{WORLD}}', index: 16, input: 'abc{{HELLO}}defg{{WORLD}}', groups: undefined]

string.match should give you what you want, returning an Array.

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For extra credit: How to exclude the surrounding braces from the output?

You tell us.


Another approach could be to use named capturing groups.

// named capture group e.g (?<name>expression)
const re = /\{{2}(?<message>[^}]+)\}{2}/g

const strg = 'abc{{HELLO}}defg{{WORLD}}'

const matches = strg.matchAll(re)

// destructuring groups from match
for (const {groups} of matches) {

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