Refresh not reload


How do I get it to refresh rather than reload please? Reload doesn’t clear my post variables which is causing a problem. Thanks

parent.location.href=parent.location.href.split("#")[0]+"#"; ?

(Note that this won’t stop someone from hitting back and resending the form)

AH - thanks - perfect - it is a popup so that should be ok

Blast that didn’t work nor did

window.onunload = refreshParent;
function refreshParent() {
window.opener.location.href = window.opener.location.href.split(“#”)[0]+“#”;

It is still going through

   If (trim(Request.Form("DeleteID")) <> "") Then
End if

When it refreshes and deletes the file that has just been uploaded


function refreshParent() {
location = location.toString().split("#")[0]+"#";

or just:

function refreshParent(){
location = location.toString().split("#")[0];

Thanks. I was wondering about resetting the form after doing a delete. I will have another go later. Adding the date and time works for getting an up to date image so I was expecing it to for for this but it doesn’t seem to.

If the browser is retaining data and putting it back into the form, then changing the href isnt going to work. Could try telling the parent to set the form elements back to blanks.

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