I am currently working on a window (B), that is opened by another window(A).

what i am trying to achieve is this :-

when the user clicks on the ‘OK’ button of window (B), i want window(A) to be refreshed WITHOUT the standard alert message which says

…“The page cannot be refreshed without resending the information. Click retry to send the information again, or click Cancel to return to the page you were trying to review”…

popping up. I have tried to get around it by using




neither of them work!!

any ideas would be gratefully received? (im using version 5 of IE)

if the page was submitted with post or get data, then you will always get this with a refresh. In fact, using true forces it to refresh from the server (false, the default, will load the page from the browser cache) so


May work. If not, you will need to reset the href or use the replace() method.

self.opener.location.href = “page.htm”;

hmmm…i had tried using .replace earlier, doesnt work properly, (neither does href= “url” as the user needs to click the ‘OK’ button twice in order to see the updated value in window (A). (something about the cached value!!!)…any more ideas?