Redirecting SubDomain to a New Domain? Seo Effect

I have a run a blog at

it will be moving to a new subdomain…

What do I need to make sure happens as far as the type of redirect? 301 Permanent?

Any other SEO things to consider?

if you have permission on both domains you can do at webmaster tools/changing adress. it has some risk but if you have to do with the instruction on webmaster tools

You have to make the basics Rights, First you have to perform some permanent 301 redirect… After redirecting occurs you have to submit new sitemap to Google and Wait for a while until or unless major crawls occurs and Google Crawls your whole site…

A permanent 301 redirect is the biggest step. You should also try to get as many inbound links as you can redirected to the new domain.

You can expect a temporary dip in search rankings as the spiders come to understand the new setup, but if you’re not changing the structure then it shouldn’t be too bad.

If you perform 301 redirection correctly then there would be no issues with SEO i think.