Domain Name Change - How Not to Affect SEO

Hello Experts,

I need some expert advice from you guys.

I am going to change the domain name on my site very soon and I want to know how can I do this without loosing/damaging all of the great SEO I’ve built up over the last 7 years.

The only thing I am going to do is change the domain name everything else will remain identical.

So I am changing from askaboutvalidation to askaboutgmp.

All tips are so welcome guys.

Thank you so much

Hi gokeeffe,

It’s always a tense moment, but I think the key is to monitor the move closely. Check your access logs, error logs and Google Webmaster Tools for any issues in the hours/days/weeks after the move, just to make sure everything looks ok and there aren’t any errors. If the content and URL structure remains exactly the same, it should be fairly straightforward.

Google also provides a ‘Change of Address Tool’. I’ve heard mixed results for big migrations, but I use it and recommend it:

Good luck with the move! :smile:

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Setting up a 301 redirect will redirect everything to the new one. Alon with sending users to the correct page, this also tells the search engines that the page is permanently moved to the other. Through this all record of the URL has been updated.

I agree with this. In doing similar moves, I’ve found Moz and Webmaster Tools invaluable. Moz will help you keep track of how different pages are ranking, so you’ll be able to correct any changes.

301 redirects are your friend. I’ve had some nasty surprises when finding out that some redirects were done as 302s instead…

thank you very much for all the great answers! I feel much more confident now about the switch over.

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