reCaptcha 2.0 Implementation

Hello all,

I’ve worked for days just to get a working implementation of google’s reCaptcha 2.0 (php). The documentation provided seems to be incomplete ( and I was just wondering if anyone has come across (or blogged about) a good “step-by-step” walkthrough of implementing reCaptcha 2.0 on a contact form.

If so I’d love it if you could recommend a tutorial :slight_smile: I’ve been through search results and always seem to run into issues with ones i’ve tried to follow so far. I got mine working by piecing together info found on various sites over 2 days and had problems trying to get it to work if the page with my contact form posted to itself (i ended up sending visitors to a thank you or error page after submitting the form) and if there is a simple, clear tut out there i’d love to share it with my team.


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