Real Estate Theme For WordPress

Hi, I want to start a new real estate business, that’s why i need to create a professional website using wordpress. I already select a theme for wp but can’t find that in free. Please if anyone have this theme, can you share with me. Here is the demo link that i want RealEstate | Just another Templatic Demo Sites site

What makes you think WordPress provides a professional website? Are you sure? Many true web developers see WP as a load of junk. And “free” is not really the right vibe is you are looking for “professional”—well, not in my book, anyhow.

It’s not all that hard to create your own theme if you can’t find one that suits. But have you Googled this question? Something like “free reals estate wordpress theme” produces a lot of results. If you find something that’s nearly what you want, I’m sure it could be modified to suit. :slight_smile:

The theme you’re looking for is available to buy from the creators for $89. I do hope you weren’t trying to get another member to pass on a copy free of charge, which would be against the terms of their licence.

For the professional uses,Wordpress is not a right choice to make and it will not gives you the that kind of advertisements that you are looking for.It is usually free web and not using in a professional points of view.So, I’ll suggest you use professional web and make your site for it.

Agree with the Answer , To be professional , Customization is Needed with your Design and Have benefits instead to using Templates . Still looking to include free templates then found them with query searches .l

I have to agree with Ralph. Professionals know that WP is not right solution for real estate. Each real estate business has its own rules and WP just can’t cut it. If you start to modify it to suit your needs you will start throwing money on something that is not meant to be a real estate solution. WP is build for blogging and lets keep it that way.

People dismiss Wordpress but offer no alternative solution. That’s not going to help the OP. Wordpress is fine as a CMS. Yes, it was built for blogs but there’s no reason that it can’t be used otherwise. Hundreds of thousands of “professional” companies will attest to that. Buy the template, like TechoBear suggested, and load up your content. If you find that, after your business has been established, Wordpress still doesn’t suit your needs, go and hire a true web developer to customize your site. Maybe you’ll have the funds by then.

The problem with WordPress is not presentation, but calculation. In real estate business there are several levels of formulas especially in rental booking department. I am not saying that WP is not solid CMS, but it just fails to accomplish higher level of satisfaction needed for professional real estate business.