Readymade admin panel in php / mysql?


Is there any readymade admin panel available which is built in php/mysql which can be just downloaded and put in an “admin” folder and should have basic admin login, menu, header / footer, rbac user control etc ?

So I just fill in my database details and it would create its tables and then I can put my app’s tables etc in the database and create the files etc that i need in the admin area and config the menu etc.

Basically need a ready made RBAC system. So if i created a page add-product.php then I put some 2-3 line code above it to make it a part of the readymade admin panel and it should be controllable via user permission’s etc.

I hope i am able to clarify my question. Please suggest.


If I understand correctly, you would need something that already have an admin panel available and where it’s ‘easy’ to add your own stuff to it. Plus, something that has permissions already included?

If found out this article by Phil Sturgeon, but it’s a bit old (2011):

I found this, but nothing about permissions:

There’s a package on code canyon that seems to generate an admin panel with permissions, it’s 22$:

There’s also that, which is pretty basic:

You can also check on packagist:

Maybe you can find 2 packages to put together…

So… I don’t think I found exactly what you were looking for, but it’s a start. I hope it’s still helpful.

The most easy to use one I’ve found so far I recommended on a different thread, AF PHP Login Script. Pretty easy to extend and modify if you are decent with PHP.

However, it’s old, and it was last updated in 2012, so take that as it is…

Other than that, my other experiences have mostly either been to build my own, or use a framework, with addons for this sort of thing (auth, perms, etc) that people have already written.