Read audio files

Hello guys in trying to make website for school where users can upload their music and listen I’m doing this MVC way I got good on it but when it came to move and get the file I sucked. I need to know should I move my file to the server or keep in database as a blob. Also I need help how to get that file and read it. Sorry cause I never worked with files.

Generally speaking you would save the audio file on the file system, and keep a reference (ie its path) to its address in your database along with other useful meta data, title, date uploaded, owner etc.

As for forcing the file to download instead of play in the browser (if that is indeed what you want) then try this search [google]PHP force download mp3 files[/google] as an example (they show advice for mp3 files, but the basics would be relevant for any file).

i actually trying to play file through mp3 player lets say html5 player. Then i have AJAX search engine kind of like google when user type something like ‘Eminem’
the page refreshes without reloading the whole page just like on google. And then i have my mp3 file and i wonder how can i stream 10 files on the same page?