Make music player in php(except html player or google player)

hello all

i want to create a audio player like this in PHP. i can design it but i don’t know how to make it functional using php.( i don’t wanna use default players or players like google player etc).


You cannot make one with PHP. The function of a music player is client side stuff. PHP lives only on the server it cannot do client side stuff.

then how could i make that?

Investigate how each browser handles the playing of the music, and come up with a strategy so that when users click on “Play >>” the a track does actually play.

Store all your tracks in a relational database.

Store the album images as files on the file system, keep the address of that image in your relational database.

Carefully design your database so that you can store and retrieve the relationships between tracks, albums, artists, moods the various filters you see on the site you mentioned.

Have PHP then query your database to extract the various lists of tracks with a “Play >>” button next to them.

Give yourself a pat on the back.

PHP does not deal with audio players, flash players, ajax, css, html, or any type of players or client side language. AJAX being partly server-side, but it is a different language set altogether.

AJAX isn’t a language. It’s a transport. It’s a way for client side languages to communicate with server side languages. Some argue that it’s a protocol… but that’s not completely accurate.

can i integrate a music player software to a website to use it as a player on the website?