Random moving text in background

I have a client that is looking to have names of manufacturers randomly moving around the home page (in the main content area) … faded/transparent in color so as to not distract from the main content itself.

What would really be neat, would be that the text randomly moves around the area but slowly making its way to the bottom of the area and settling into a nice row. Sort of along the lines of that falling snowflake effect you see on some websites during Christmas season.

I can sort achieve the above effect with the javascript I’m using. However, the only problem I can’t solve is how to make these names the background of <div #main> so the actually page content can go over these names. Since each name is individually controlled, each has their own .js file that I’m calling in in the <head>.

I am guessing there is no easy way to do this via javascript … I’ve been working on this for hours today, googling scripts to death trying to find one. So, am I right to assume that the only way to do this is with flash? Can you make flash a background so that page content can go over it? I do not know how to make flash, so I have no idea about those things.

Since I do not know how to write a lick of javascript (or similar), I will be needing pre-made script if possible.

I think you need to discuss with your client how distracting this would be when it comes to trying to read their content. This concept sounds like something that belongs back in the 90s.

BUT, to help with your question. Using the javascript you say you have, create an absolutely positioned div with a z-index of 0 (height/width 100%). Target your javascript to put the floating elements in there. Then wrap your content in another div (absolutely positioned) and give it a z-index of 1 or higher. That’ll place your content above the floating text.

Thank you so much! I understand your instructions and will give it a whirl.

Yes, I agree with you about the archaic effect.

I also gave him 2 alternatives if he is stuck on having these manufacturer names move:

  1. A slide show type effect … with random transition effects … would be great if he wants to use logos.

  2. A marquee scroll box. Which is a lesser desired code than a slide show, I know.

I mentioned to him how having moving objects behind text can, and will be, distracting to visitors.

Will just have to see what he ultimately decides.

Thanks again for your help!
~ Barb