Javascript that moves content around

take a look at this site:
it belongs to someone I know.
look at the home page with javascript and without javascript. it looks completeley different, because they put the content at the top for SEO reasons and javascript puts it in place

THe layout manipulation could be better done with CSS

do a “view source”, there 's a lot of gibberish, what do you make of it?
what I really find interesting is that the site is ranking number 1 in google for its main keyword.

so what’s the problem here or are you just trying to get people to click that link for some reason?

moving content around is not difficult.

the question is : what do you think of this code? shouldn’t it penalize the site in the search engine rankings? is this considered white hat or black hat?

what did google say when you asked them why they haven’t penalised the site?