Need minor help on CSS issue


I’m working on a site, and trying to get the search box / login box’s background to show up properly (on the top area you’ll see)… any ideas about why it’s not lining up and showing the background on the login form area?


Hi, you set the background on #searchForm however you close that off and start a new form (for the login) so as a result of course the background won’t show on that part :).

You can add an ID or class to the login form div and then add the background image on that :slight_smile:

Also give that login form <form> a float:left; when you style it :slight_smile:

Hey :slight_smile:

I also had put the background image of the gray bar on the div that holds both forms, but that doesn’t appear to be showing up at all…any ideas?

You set it inlinely, aka with the style tags.

Remove the quotes in the URL (that will close off the sytles tag, or at least use single quotes and not double).

If that still doesn’t work then add overflow:hidden; (you will definately need this, come to think of it, if both are floated like I told you to do) :slight_smile:

thanks - perfect :slight_smile:

You’re welcome :).