Question: How can I incorporate an image map into a fluid layout?

Hi SP,

I am currently having a huge headache trying to get a site I’m building to work across variable resolutions. The main navigation is through a large image map, which I know is totally outmoded but seemed the simplest solution that allowed tight polygonal area delimiting. I can’t seem to find any way to get the image and it’s map to resize to accommodate smaller monitors. Is their any kind of script or other way I can accomplish this?

The site (very much unfinished) is here.

I’m relatively new to web design, and am learning as I go, so please be gentle!

Thanks very much! Hope this is the right forum, if not please redirect me.

The problem being the Map uses pixel coordinates thus it will basically usually require a ‘fixed size image’. Since they typically use exact pixel values for co-ordinates. So now you are beginning to see the limitations for smaller screens. May be you should consider a different method such as slicing an image.

Since the site is displaying a little wonky I cannot really see whole image map either; so cannot hover over all the hotspots.

Any ideas please?