Question about wordpress

I have been thinking of trying out wordpress. But it seems to me that the features for a robust website are not enough. And it only works in a sort of blog format. Is it more felexible now in newer versions or not?

It can be bent in directions other than blogging, but it’s still primarily for that purpose. There are lost of other CMSes that are more geared for regular websites. I recommend checking out ExpressionEngine, but there are many others, like Drupal, MODx, SilverStripe, Concrete5, TextPattern …

There are numerous themes which transform your site’s look into a regular website rather than a blog. It depends on your theme selection that what sort of website are you willing to develop.

I’ve developed lots of websites that don’t use Wordpress’ blog function but do leverage the CMS nature. There are lots of CMS options out there but I like the friendliness and accessibility of the Wordpress community, and also that amount of themes and plugins I can make use of.

Thanks for the feedback guys. So in general wordpress should be used if you want blog format then. I guess joomla is still much better if you’re looking for a wesbote that is more flexible and has a lot of module tweaking features. Which is what i really see lacking in Worpress.

Millions of websites use Wordpress, there’s no lack of features. Some things are easier to do in one CMS over another but if you give an idea of what you are trying to develop then you may get a better steer on a development platform or suitable CMS.