Question about metas: verify-v1 & noOdp

What do these two do?
What is their impact on seo?
Do you offer can be used?
Please explain


<META name="verify-v1" content="/JBoXnwT1d7TbbWCwL8tXe+Ts2I2LXYrdnnK50g7kdY=" />


<meta name="GoogleBot" content="noOdp">

The first one is a meta tag that is used to authorise your site in Google Analytics. I.e., Analytics asks you to put that tag in there, and then it knows theat you’re the owner of that website.

noODP means that Google should use your site’s description (from the description meta tag) and not the description (possibly) stored in the Open Directory.

The first shouldn’t have any effect on your SEO whatsoever, the second will only affect what people see for descriptive text in search results in Google when they find your site in a search result.

1-means i Write tags on meta description. like meta keywords: hello, hi, hey, and … ?
2-did despite noODP google waiver of other metas like keywords?
3-do you use the noODP right?

  1. I’m not sure what your question is. But Google does not use the verify-v1 meta tag for anything other than verifying your site.
  2. Sorry, don’t quite understand this question either.
  3. Nope, I’ve never used it. But I’ve never listed my sites in ODP either.