Putting images onto other another image based on user input

I am after a bit of help if possible guys, I’m unsure if this should be in the PHP section or somewhere else, but as I’d choose PHP by default I felt best to stick it in here (EDITJust realised it should probably have gone in the “General Application Design and Theory” forum)
I am wanting to create a new part of my site that will allow users to have their name (or the words they choose) spelt out in images.

What I will have is a range of images covering each letter in the alphabet and I want these to be put onto an image that I have for a background to them.
So if “Billy” wants his name put onto the background, each of the images of the 5 characters in Billys name will be put over the background image (basically to make a personalised background)
I think this should make sence?! :slight_smile:

I’m just at a loss as to where to start so any help would be greatly appreciated.


Edit:I think it should perhaps have been posted in the “General Application Design and Theory” foum.

Assuming you want to do this in PHP, start looking at the GD and Image Functions.

It could be done using ImageMagick :-
1/ Create an image from the characters with a transparent background.
2/ Composite it over the original image.

There are some examples here: Text examples

I would think you would want to start with the code that created this ( Text is created from images ):