Push() with a 2d array?

I have a 2d array that I created like such:

var images = new Array(50);
for(var i=0;i<=51;i++)
	images[i]=new Array(2);

Now I would like to push values into this array, but I can’t get the proper syntax to work. How would I for example convert these statements:


into a push statement (regardless of position pushed into array)?

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n = images.length;
images.push(new Array());

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I was kind of hoping the result wouldn’t expand my code…
So it can’t be done in one line? You can’t push an array into an array?

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Stereofrog when I executed that code it worked (or at least it didn’t throw any errors), but my notation for retrieving elements, images[0], images[1], images[2] doesn’t return anything. In fact if I try to alert(images[1][0]) nothing pops up at all.

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var images = [];
images.push(["a", "b", "c"]);
images.push(["x", "y", "z"]);

alert(images[0][1]); // b
alert(images[1][0]); // x
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Ah, thanks. I guess it was creating a 3d array because I still had the for loop to fill the array with arrays.

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