Make Array Multidimensional by Adding New Values

Hello all,

I’ve got the following array and like to add new values to it.

arr = ["A","B","C","D"];

Let’s say I’d like to add the value "John" to "B".
I’ve tried the following but without success


Any ideas?

Hi Ethannn,

arr[1] is currently the string “B”. Are you saying that you want to concatenate the two strings, so that the value is “BJohn”? Or you want to replace the string with a nested array containing both strings (i.e. ["B", "John"])?

Push is an array method that adds a new value to the end of the array. What you’re doing here is retrieving the value at index 1 (which is a string) and trying to call push on it, which fails because strings have no push method.

If you started off with a multidimensional array, then you could use push:

var arr = [["A"],["B"],["C"],["D"]];

// arr is now [["A"],["B", "John"],["C"],["D"]]

Note that we’re pushing a string, not a string wrapped in an array as in your original example, otherwise we’d end up with [["A"],["B", ["John"]],["C"],["D"]]

That worked!
Thank you for sharing your knowledge!

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