Purchasing Books through Sitepoint

I just bought another sitepoint book. I have discovered the prices on sitepoint are more expensive than elsewhere. I just purchase a book with a $10.00 saving elsewhere, and it was brand new. I also have purchased used books on ebay and elsewhere.

If SitePoint is publishing these books, why don’t they discount there prices themselves and prevent people like me to look elsewhere for a better price.

I get it is just “Buyer Beware”

Where did you buy it?

I am not going to tell you where I bought it. You will raise their prices on your books.

Well, let me first say that SitePoint the forums is not SitePoint the company, so as a volunteer for the forum I can’t speak for the company.

But my best guess would be its a matter of buying in bulk - wholesale prices - vs. buying a single copy - retail price.

AFAIK the difference you see is related to associated costs - shipping , handling etc. as they apply to a single copy or spread out to hundreds of copies.

Hi uhn2467n,
We prefer to be competitive by bundling our books with other products that our resellers don’t have access to. But it is your choice where you buy of course, and we respect that. I hope you enjoy your book/s.