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Does SitePoint offer paper books, or is everything electronic now?

If you go to
you can find

Print books

  • When will my book ship?
  • How long will it take for my books to arrive?
  • Are book purchases subject to customs or taxes?

Does that help?

Hi @Mittineague,

Thanks for the reply. I am feeling frustrated right now because all of the SitePoint links I click on show me subscription only offerings.

You just sent me to a FAQs section, but I don’t want to know about Book Shipping or Book Taxes, I want to buy some PAPER BOOKS!! :slight_smile:

Can you help me figure out where to go to do that?

(I can’t believe a website about good web design is so horribly hard to navigate and buy things on!)

I have experience with several ebooks only so I’ve not paid attention to how or where paper books fit in to the process.

Are you saying you go to a book but don’t see how to order it in paper?
If it’s not available in paper, it never says as much?

Show me a link where I can see a book, place it in a shopping cart, and buy a paper book.

This link only leads you to a subscription page…

How do I buy a paper version of this book?

Now that I’m specifically looking for “paper”, I’m wondering if SitePoint books need to be purchased from a book retailer.

If so, I think making that information more obvious somewhere would be a good idea. Same if paper books can be ordered.

Where do you think seeing such information would be the best place to show it?


If I have to go to a company’s online forums and ask a member how to BUY something, then the company has failed!

Many years ago SitePoint books wee all over the shelves in places like Barnes & Noble, but then they were only sold online. Last time I looked, which must have been a few years ago, you could get good deals on buying an entire set of paper book like ABookApart does.

I was looking to buy maybe 15-20 books, but I want something I own, not something I rent.

But considering how sloppy this website looks, and seeing some of the deceptive marketing ploys it uses, I’m not sure SitePoint can help me out.

Looks like this company is sliding like so many other stores…

Hi @EcolaParadise, you can buy most of our books in both print and ebook form at Amazon and at other retailers. Unfortunately we don’t offer print sales from our own website any more (those support docs should probably be updated). This particular book is avilable from Amazon here: (its ISBN is 0994347081, if you wish to order it from another retailer) .

You shouldn’t advertise with pictures of paper books when your website doesn’t sell paper books!

I think you are missing out on lots of customers like me who want to own a book.

Heck, I would even buy ebooks if I could own them like a PDF.

But the idea of having to pay $9 per month for the rest of my life so I can use my books doesn’t make financial sense to me.

That and I don’t like the idea of having to have a credit card linked up indefinitely to your website. (One time purchases I can handle.)

Too bad, because I was looking to spend $200-$300 on a whole catalog of books.

Looks like ABookApart is a better deal for me.

I’m sorry to hear that, @EcolaParadise . For what it’s worth, subscribers get access to download of DRM-free ebook format versions of every one of our books (PDF, ePub and mobi) – these can be downloaded and kept forever, they are not tied to your subscription being current.

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So why doesn’t this website say that?

It’s hard to give you my $$ when I can’t find what I’m looking for and the info on your site is unclear.

Do I have to subscribe with a credit card, or can I send you a check or money order?

And are all books available as PDF?

If I can download a PDF version of any given book and keep and access it indefinitely, then that is another thing.

And if I can pay with something other than a credit card that also gives me more options.

It would be nice if you would update this website to explain these things. After all, I am looking to buy books from you to learn how to build and run a successful website of my own, so if its this hard to buy books from you, then that makes me wonder how good your books are, or why you webmaster doesn’t read some of your own books and fix these issues! :slight_smile:

You can’t currently pay by check or money order, I’m afraid, but all of our books are available as PDF.

We’ll work on trying to make options for people to buy hardcopies of our books clearer; thanks for the feedback.

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Being able to pay with check or money order would also make me likely to buy from SitePoint.

One reason I don’t like credit card subscriptions is because I forget and then I spend more than I intended.

Writing a check or sending a money order helps me budget better, and it keeps me safe from hackers too.

You should consider more payment options too. :frowning2:


I have a Kobo e-reader, which uses epub format. I also have FBReader installed on my desktop and laptop, so I can read those same epub-format books on whichever device is more convenient at the time. It’s another option you might want to consider.

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