Pullo—Member of the Month, December 2012

We got that. Albert-Heijn Glühwein :stuck_out_tongue:

You need to make a trip over to Belgium. Om nom nom. Beer and chocolates, la, la-la la la!

Now that’s just a cryin’ shame.

Congrats , Pullo. Really nicely done. Nice interview answers too! It’s good to be well balanced on web techs, and a taste good bear never hurts either. :slight_smile:

Nice one Pullo - Congrats on the badge. Keep up the good posts :slight_smile:

Like Sega, I too thought you were actually German (and just thought your English was really good for a German guy :P)

Kohoutek’s English is excellent. :stuck_out_tongue:

If people around here have excellent English, I just assume they are from Germany, the Netherlands or places like that. I’m always shocked when I find out they are native English speakers. :shifty:

Similar to people thinking I am ‘English’, dual nationality has it’s perks. We’re all people of the planet. Never been to Germany, I would guess it’s a little like England but maybe cleaner, so I’ve heard. I live in a small new city, so things here are fairly clean and tidy.

Same here! Great minds think a like.

From what I found many European countries know exceptional English, in particular those colder countries, Norway, Finland, Denmark, Netherlands. I found France, Greece and Italy to know basic English. Can’t judge though, must be hard learning 2 or more languages outside the language environment. I once went to a conference and students from colder regions really impressed me, especially on how well tuned they were with world affairs.

Even though we’re all people of the world, our culture and environment can increase our chances of success.

Indeed! And the trains run on time :slight_smile:

[ot]Dear lord I wish our trains would run on time too.

We don’t have mountains.
We don’t have snow.
We don’t have large wildlife.

Why are they not on time?[/ot]

My dad went once for a connecting flight. He told me how clean to was and how impressed he was with the settings. Why is that? I noticed in France it was like this too, trains were only late by 2 seconds if that.

Off Topic:

Public transport running on time? What nonsense. I’ve never heard of such a thing. We are just happy here if trains, trams, busses and planes turn up at all. :rolleyes:


I’m guessing it has something to do with the war. Many towns were bombed heavily, which meant that when hostilities ended, Germany could completely rebuild their infrastructure, but geared to the 20th century.[/ot]

I have relates in Australia, they wanted me to move there just to see what it’s like. Mind you, it’s a little far. They took a 23 hour flight to come to where we are, but other it would be an ideal place to be.


Hah I’m from the Netherlands originally. (:

They start teaching English very early on. In Holland they start in 3rd grade in Primary School, I’m sure the other countries start around the same time. (Oh that and a very high percentage of all the popular TV shows are in English.)

That’s pretty much how I ended up here ;)[/ot]

Ah, so I should start calling you “Aussie sjon” in my head :P[/ot]

Off Topic:

Oh dear lord. The amount of times I’ve heard someone sing “Sjonnie, hou jij m’n tassie effe vast”.

Nice interview. I’d been wondering about your location saying “Germany” in combination with your sublime command of the English language (i.e., non of the typical German tell-tales), but it all makes sense now :slight_smile:

Congratulations Pullo! :tup:

Thank you Rémon and SpacePhoenix.

@ScallioXTX ;
I still manage to avoids saying “Handy” when I mean “mobile”, but other than that living Germany has taken its toll.
Nowadays, I wait for the green man when crossing the road, I eat kebabs (sorry, kebaps) whilst sober and I’ll happily carry an empty bottle round with me all day for the deposit :slight_smile:

Off Topic:

Trains, and sub-ways here in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA), the trains normally run like clockwork. People ending it and jumping in-front of the trains puts lines late, but this is a rare occurrence (thankfully). Planes are a whole other story. You have to call ahead to see if your plane is on time. I guess only having 35 million people in the whole vast country means that the trains don’t get bogged with congestion. Tell this to our roads where a 50 KM commute commonly takes 1.5 hours to travel during work start/end time ranges.


How inconsiderate!

only having 35 million people in the whole vast country means that the trains don’t get bogged with congestion.

Doesn’t work where I live, and we have far fewer people! :frowning: [/ot]