Mizwizzy! -- Member of the Month Catch-up

[FONT=“Georgia”]Congratulations to gary.turner, December’s [URL=“http://www.sitepoint.com/forums/showthread.php?t=653934”]Member of the Month winner!


mizwizzy earned a Member of the Month badge back in 2009. But Life happens, as it always does, and so it happened at that time that she was unable to collect her award.

Please join me in applauding mizzy (aka ‘The Queen of General Chat’ :rolleyes: ) today!

No badge sadly, but a token hat-tip, a quick interview, and the recognition she deserves.

WOO HOO! :weee:


1. How’d you find out about Sitepoint?

Well this is interesting, I actually found out about SP by accident! I was trying to create some curved lines for a website template i was making just for fun and I was only new to photoshop at the time. I decided to join the forums and posted a question regarding the curved lines issue…I got lots of help and to be honest i didnt really expect much because I never used any forum sites before! Varelse helped me so much back then and from that point on I became an SP addict! So i guess every1 can blame Varelse for all my serial posting ;p

2. What made you stick around?

Well, over time I often had questions about various design or coding issues and the members and site content helped me so much with this. I also developed contacts through the forums and of course enjoyed the banter in GC! Overall its one of my favourite community sites on the web!

3. So you used to be a teacher out in the real world. What was that experience like?.. Ever wanted to strangle anyone?

I still am a teacher lol Ive had my share of weirdos, nutcases and difficult students…to be honest overall its been really good and i enjoy it - the only time i ever wanted to strangle someone as you put it would be where someone thinks they know more than u about what ur teaching when they really dont - but you will always have a student like that, its like an unwritten rule as well as the dosser or trouble maker and the teachers pet! lol But yeah, i enjoy it and love to see people go further with what they have learned and achieved and theres a major feel good factor when u know you’ve played a small part in helping them along the way!

4. What is mizwizzy up to these days (work-wise and/or just for fun) ?

Well im a jill of all trades, so its a mixed bag really at the moment - Im just planning on being prepared for christmas now and getting things sorted…Im hoping in the New Year I can step it up a notch and progress now with my business and expand - exciting times!

On a personal level spending time with my bf, family and having fun as each day goes by, looking forward to 2010!

5. How’d you learn so much about computers and techy stuff?

Im really self taught to be honest, once u have an interest in learning and the subject matter its so easy to pick something up and develop on it. I’ve always been interested in I.T. from an early age and not a day goes by when im not on the computer doing something or other!

I got into the hardware side of things when i was in my teens, my dad showed me alot back then and i took it from there, so I was building machines and updating etc since then. Ive always been interested in how things work so this was a natural progression for me. I also learned alot about various OS and software along the way which in turn made me want to learn more about programming, web design etc. Ive always had an interest in Art also so the web design path was perfect for me and I’ve never looked back. I guess im an I.T. Jill of all trades really lol

6. What online games you playing these days?

Well as u know scrabble/literati has always been my game but I dont really play it much anymore as I never seem to find the time - Lately ive gotten into playing Poker alot and surprisingly im good at it lol you should see my poker face! But yeah, Poker is the game for me as of late, I play in cash tournaments and win often lol yay good times!

7. Could Ireland ever beat Trinidad in cricket? (Of course not, but just getting your opinon.)

Do Ireland even have a cricket team lol - well knowing how patriotic I am of course i’ll be rooting for Ireland to win!

8. Favourite smilie?

:rolleyes: of course!

9. What kinds of movies do you like?

Well being a non typical girl I prefer blood, guts, fighting, murder, intrigue, action, thrillers, horrors, suspense and comedy movies! Most recent movie i’ve seen was with my bf we went to go see Law Abiding Citizen it was great!

10. Are jeeps really as fun to drive as one would expect?

Well yes! I really enjoy driving my jeep, the height is great u can see so much more, its really handy for transporting things and for shopping its like a mini van sometimes - really handy this christmas! Loads of room and its a vehicle for life really and well worth the investment!

11. What is the plan for 2010?

Well ive already started planning for next year, im enrolling in a couple of courses coming up in the New Year namely in I.T and business start up course then hopefully progress to the business side of things - premises, expansion etc…its exciting and a long time coming but we’ll see what happens! I just plan on having fun, making the most of life, travelling, holidays and perhaps another property investment! Thats it really, so we’ll see what happens but its always good to have some goals, something to aim for!

My New Years resolution will be to try and stop using bad language!! Not sure if its just an Irish thing or not but its going to be difficult and a major challenge for me, god even here on the forums its a struggle not to lol but anyway thats my task set for the New Year - wish me luck!

12. Anything else you’d like to add/say to all your fans out there in Sitepoint?

Fans? oh yeah funny shaun :rolleyes: hilarious! I would like to say thanks for the interview and non intrusive questions lol


Thanks mizwizzy! All the best in 2010! Yeees :inspector:


Belated Congratulations :slight_smile:

Congratulations mizwizzy :slight_smile:

Congratulations Hazel :weee:

Good fortune with your plans as well :slight_smile:


Congratulations! :slight_smile:

Congratulations Mizzy. :slight_smile:

:rolleyes: :smiley:

Congrats mizwizzy!

Just curious, any smilie you haven’t used yet?

I’m still waiting for a :d’oh: smilie
(would be much better than :blush: IMHO)
I’ve used it in quite a few posts, so once it happens, it’ll be there.

Congrats :slight_smile:

thanks everyone :slight_smile: and ty datura :slight_smile:

mitt - there are many ive not used yet, i’ll make an active effort for 2010 just for you :smiley:

btw shaun - ty too with ur yeees! :lol:

edit: thanks spikez :slight_smile:

congrats Hazel, well deserved and overdue!

Congrats Miz. :slight_smile:

Thanks :slight_smile:

What month was she MOTM? It doesn’t say.
Belated congratulations as well :).

:shifty: ty :slight_smile:

ps: she has a name too :smiley:


Eenteresting… Yeees :inspector:


Yes I am serious -_-

[FONT=“Georgia”]Indeed :inspector:


Congratulations Mizwizzy. Long time overdue. I’ll give you my favourite smiley for the time being … :smash: :lol:

Great interview Shaun :smiley:

Thanks Molona :smiley: well done urself with the Awards :smiley: yay :cheer: