How to design web layouts in Adobe Photoshop and convert them into responsive HTML websites?

Pay a web developer to do it. I don’t think there are tools that would do that automatically for you. There used to be a slicing functionality in Photoshop that would give you HTML and CSS, but responsive is out of the equation… Another way is to use Bootstrap which is a responsive template and then try to adapt that to your design

Hello and Welcome Andres, is that enough solution for that or any other way to do more thing? Please instruction me in details. Thank in advance

Welcome to the forums, @michelbevan28. There have been many threads started at SitePoint about that same topic. Have you tried our search feature to see what advice was given in the other threads?

Hi WebMachine, Yap I found here that solutions. If I need more ideas, may can I ask you again? Thanks a lot.

The PSD gives you a picture of the web page at certain dimensions.

The knowledge of HTML/CSS and JavaScript gives you the ability to convert the PSD picture into a working, responsive web page. Go to school to learn the basics of those skills and you will be well on your way.

It helps if you understand geometry and have the imagination to fold and unfold boxes.

You’re wecome in advance.


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