Ps5 pen tool path doesnt appear

Hi all,

I was wondering if anyone knows how I can make the pen tool path appear as I work on cutting out an image. Seems to be that I have to make each anchor click using guess work because I cant see the path as I create it?



Are you using the right Pen tool Mode??

hey dark, yeah using the correct one. problem is as i create an anchor point the path doesnt appear so its all guess work.

This is really Weird!
can you attach a screenshot?

That is odd. Perhaps a driver/graphics card issue? Is this a new problem or it’s been like this always.
Under preferences>3D check the settings and see if OpenGL is on or off.
Other alternative I thought of was the possibility of a weird tool preset for the pen tool.

Does sound odd though.

Hey Slacker, OpenGL was the problem!! I enabled it and now I clearly see my paths, thank you loads for making me happy again! lol

Yay! I’m glad something worked, sometimes it feels like you’re shooting in the dark on some of these things.