Using the path tool

Everyone has their own way to create certain thigns in photoshop, as there are multiple ways to do one thing.

I would ike to start to learn to use the pen and path tools and use it efficiently.

I’ve always used shapes and erasers in the past to create shapes and lines with curves in them.

Any good resources?

Thanks a lot guys, the pen tool was always one of those weird intimidating tools that I never wanted to try, and I’m really trying to expand my abilities now!

The YouTube video is nice and an interesting way to use the pen tool. But if you are SERIOUS about getting to know and use photoshop, is one of the best ways online. It is more instructional then “Watch me do this”. I have no affiliation with at all but have used them for years. Them and Kelby Training. I prefer for a more thorough learning experience. Especially Deke McClelland and Chris Orwig. I think you get sign up for a FREE week and I recommend you at least take a look at the videos and these two authors if you want to really get to know this stuff.


You can just take a look on youtube, thee is loads of tutorial videos. I would recommend you this one its 4 minutes long and will show you everything you need to know about pen tool.