Protecting your brand

I have a client who has just received an email from their hosting company to say that he needs to protect his brand from misuse when the triple x domains become available in December. Is this likely to be a problem or is this just scaremongering to get a sale?

This is just my opinion, but I’d say it’s scaremongering. After all, what’s to stop me buying the .biz, .me or any other version of your domain and using it to host porn? Why would the release of the .xxx domains increase the risk?

I’d also guess it would depend on the domain name. Presumably things like glasgowtaxis.whatever or govanshipyards.something are unlikely to be targets for porn sites.

IMHO, if your client is some multinational corporation with a portfolio of household brands, then I would definitely reg all those huge brand names in XXX and park it safe.

Otherwise, if they are not Googles or Microsofts of the world, I would not worry about it…

I advise my clients to lock up as many of their domains as possible if it is in their budget and if it is a concern to them.

I imagine the XXX domains will bring out a new bunch of squatters that will grab a domain and try to sell it back to you at an insane price. All in all, I don’t see the new TLD being a huge issue since it is being created for a specific type of site.

Heh, that sounds pretty much similar to those emails asking you to register the
.cn version of your brand. If your business doesn’t really need it, then…it does
not need it.

If your client owns a high end corporation that has a reputation to uphold, it is a valid claim and concern. Otherwise, it is not entirely necessary. As long as you have the .com, you have the majority power anyway.

Create some online profile on various high profile website with proper Title & Description. It will help your target audience to find your company easily. Also they can differentiate a your site from any adult site.

It depends on yourself.