Proper Script for h1 tag

I have an issue with my website. this is not functioning with my given PHP script to take the Site Title as “H1” tag on the Home page(-home page.php). it seems empty in the source code view.
What is the right script to pull “Site Title” as “H1” tag in action?

Here is script

<?php : if( have_posts() ) while( have_posts() ) : the_post() ?>
            <h1><?php the_title() ?></h1>
            <?php the_content() ?>
        <?php endwhile; endif; ?> 

I have already tried removing if( have_posts() ) but it didn’t work.
And again added

  if(is_front_page()) { // check if we're on the homepage
    echo '<h1>my site Title</h1>'; //

removing the upper quoted script. But still, it is not working.

I am using “Frida” paid Theme, no child version.

What will be a better option to get rid of this issue?

So what this tells me is that the_title() returns the title, it doesnt echo it out for you. In which case
<?php the_title() ?>

is an empty statement.

<?php "John Smith" ?> doesnt tell PHP to DO anything, it just says “here is a string.”
There are two ways to fix it.
Explicit Echo:
<?php echo the_title(); ?>
Implicit Echo:
<?= the_title() ?>

How it works: <?= is a special PHP shorthand, called a short_tag, which is equivalent to “echo this”

But these 2 corrections didn’t worked.
have a look at view-source:

There is no h1 tag on that page.

What’s the code for the_title() ? Are you sure it’s actually returning a value?

I was about to say the same.
To me that suggests that the conditions are not being met.

<?php : if( have_posts() ) while( have_posts() ) : the_post() ?>


if(is_front_page()) { // check if we're on the homepage

Where exactly on the page are you expecting to see the <h1>?

Oh, I see now that the thread has been re-tagged as Wordpress. That makes sense.

the_title() in a wordpress page can only be executed inside “The Loop”. If you’re trying to access it outside The Loop, you need get_the_title() instead. (See Reference:

So either: You’ve removed the loop by removing the while, so the_title now returns nothing because you’re outside the Loop; the post has no title, or… uh… i’m struggling for a third option.

I want to see H1 tag the same as my Site’s title. It’s only for the home page. Other pages are functioning perfectly.
Only the Home page script is not working. I have given the site Name and Title in theme customization. But can’t see H1 tag on the “Source code” of the Home page, while other pages are showing H1 tag.