Projects of large scales

I have been very successful in finding small scale projects like a website in php or a classified or shopping cart website.

I am more interested now in big software kind of projects and want to start a team dedicated to this kind of desktop applications or software’s.

I am not sure from where big companies find this kind of projects

Is google is the source or any freelance websites which i doubt to be as no one will hire freelancer for such large scale projects

I am interested to start a team in .net now. Any idea where I can find big projects. I know I can handle any size of projects based on my skills

Any ideas?

You’d really want to call up several local companies and introduce your business and skill set to them. If they don’t know about you and your services, your odds of them ever contacting you is little to none. You need to make an excellent first impression, take them to lunch (or cater it in), showcase past projects and the fact that you have designated teams to handle .NET or PHP, etc. Tell them about your work flow (do you use SCRUM, AGILE, Waterfall), etc.

Sell them on the fact that you can help make their time more efficient by working in collaboration with their team or working on a separate project because their team is currently pre-occupied with a different one (so they can get two projects out instead of just one by year-end). That is how you’ll land bigger projects.

I think you should keep your rich CV online and post them to some reasonable companies near by. Or you can also fo to online business solutions like free lancers elance , get a coder like plateforms.

You should convince them about your working style and other things which they are not familier yet. Stay calm and get result.